As Businesses Reopen the Focus is on Cleanliness in reading berkshire

As Businesses Reopen the Focus is on Cleanliness

There is little doubt that the coronavirus has changed the world.

Not only in terms of health, but also in how businesses must approach their customers in terms of cleanliness. With companies both large and small reopening their businesses, the emphasis on creating a clean environment is now more important than ever.

One advantage that larger companies have over their smaller counterparts is that they have the money to clean their businesses properly. However, having such resources does not mean that small business owners cannot employ some of the same cleaning techniques. What follows is how your small business can reopen safely using the same standards as larger, global firms.

Getting Started
The first step is getting your business ready for a proper cleaning. You will need to detail the following when making the preparations.

  • Is your business open to the public?
  • How many employees work inside?
  • What areas are most vulnerable in terms of contagiousness?

Answering these three questions will help you better prepare your workplace environment for reopening.

For the first question, if you run an office and few, if any visitors, then the steps you take will be less extensive compared to those who have people coming through the door. The number of employees will determine the amount of cleaning that must be performed.
Finally, addressing the areas that may be the most contagious such as entrances, hallways, and other high traffic areas should receive special priority for cleaning.

Important Points in Cleaning Your Business
Now you are ready to get started with your cleaning efforts. What follows are a few tips that many larger companies have employed when cleaning their businesses for reopening.

Overall Cleaning: In other words, you can start with a general cleaning of all areas of your business just like you were cleaning your own home.

  • Clean countertops, tables, and work areas
  • Clean bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and entrances
  • Vacuum floors
  • Remove all trash and unnecessary clutter

Start with the top such as dusting shelves and work your way towards the floors where mopping and vacuuming will remove all the dirt and debris.
Disinfect High Traffic Areas: Disinfecting is the not the same as cleaning. This means using special products that kill germs, viruses, and bacteria on the spot. They can be simple chemicals such as bleach or products designed to work against viruses for example. You will need to emphasise the following areas.

  • Doorknobs
  • Faucets
  • Handles
  • Desks
  • Coffee Machines and Food Dispensers

Basically, any area that is touched with the hands gets top priority. Once you have addressed the high traffic areas, you can then disinfect other areas.

Keep in mind that the cleaning process does not end, but must be maintained to maximize protection for your employees, customers, and clients who visit your business.

A professional cleaning company can be your way of minimizing the dangers of the coronavirus and other contagious viruses when you reopen your business. Call or contact us today and find out more about how your business can be cleaned and disinfected, so that it can safely reopen.

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