Cleaning Checklist For The New Decade

Cleaning Checklist For The New Year

The months of December and January are when things get the dirtiest.

With our out-of-town guests, nonstop baking, little hands, and glitter bombs galore, it’s pretty easy to accumulate a few layers of grime. A lot of it gets (quite literally) swept under the rug and forgotten for later, but when life starts to pick up again, “later” may not come until July. That is why we’ve created this checklist to help you get things in order for the start of the decade.

Step 1: Declutter

This may seem like common sense, but often times we aren’t very thorough when it comes time to go about this begrudging task. Who can really blame us? Decluttering is not fun. Alas, it must be done. So make sure to pay proper attention this year. While you’re herding up all your knick-knacks and ornaments, dispose of any broken items and discard the things you never use. Before you replenish your empty mantle or table tops with the regular decor, go ahead and wipe down those surfaces. Everything you get rid of can be donated to a thrift store or sold online. After all, how many pairs of shoes does one person really need?

Step 2: Refresh Your Guest Room

Hospitality doesn’t stop when your visitors leave! Be sure to strip down the beds and wash the sheets in spare living quarters. Since you’re already doing the laundry, it doesn’t hurt to throw in all of the curtains in your house, too. In fact, this is a good time to give each and every window some much needed attention. Clean the panes and screens, wipe down window sills, and dust your blinds if you have them. Doing so will help set a bright and fresh tone for the new year.

Step 3: Carpets and Couches

It’s amazing how much dirt and dander fabric surfaces can hold, isn’t it? Especially after the holidays, it’s super important to carefully vacuum, but you may even want to go beyond that. Suck up the food crumbs and pet hair from in-between furniture, then grab a scrub brush and spot clean those stubborn stains on your couches and carpets. If you have the funds, it’s not a bad idea to seek professional help through Vision Property Services. For those with wooden and tile floors and hard floors that need cleaning, this is the time for an in-depth sweep and mop. (Don’t forget the stairs!) While you’re down there, wipe off your baseboards, too. We all know too well how often those things get neglected.

Step 4: Degrease Your Kitchen

One way to work off those holiday treats is by putting in some elbow work to get them cleaned up. Start by wiping off all your cupboards, backsplashes, and appliances with a powerful disinfectant. Toss all the leftovers you’re not going to eat, and begin organising your fridge, pantry, and spice cabinet. Make sure to clean out the food crumbs (and who knows what else) from underneath your freezer and stove. This is not the time to skip over that looming kitchen junk drawer of yours, either. The moment has come to face the dread and finally get that thing sorted out. In fact, it might be a good plan to perform an audit on all of your home’s miscellaneous storage compartments.

Step 5: Put it All Away

Treasured Christmas postcards and family photos can’t stay out on display all year. Or at least, they shouldn’t. Organise all the mementoes that you want to hold on to, and put them in a picture album or digital folder. When you’re storing up all of your festive items, tidy up the space in your attic or shed. No one needs to trip over the box of baby toys from 1993.

Once you re-enter the main space of your home, do one final look through, while dusting off forgotten items like picture frames, light fixtures, and ceiling fans. Use this time of opportunity to replace any heating or air conditioning filters, and you’re done….. with the inside.

Step 6: Surface Level Stuff

The exterior of your home is the first thing that guests see. So if the weather allows it, take a few minutes to tidy up your gardens, rake dead leaves, sweep the porches, and most importantly, clean those gutters! The last thing you want to deal with in the new year is a burst pipe caused by frozen water and blockage. If you only do one outdoor chore this season, let this one be it.

Last but not least, get your car in check! If you’re too wiped out to hit this final step, no worries. You can outsource this task to a professional cleaning company (or your kids) as one last gift to yourself for the holiday season.

Once you’ve completed your checklist, the path is paved for a successful new year! Your deep cleaning duties are over, at least for now. We’ll make another list for you in the spring.

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