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How Often Should I Get My Home Windows Professionally Cleaned?

How often do you clean your windows? The answer is probably not very often or never, and who can blame you, without the right equipment window cleaning is a huge hassle and dangerous!

BUT it is important to have clean windows, they bring much needed sunlight into our homes in the winter and they can completely transform how comfortable any given room is. On top of that if you are living in a city or forested area you should probably consider getting your windows cleaned more often, pollen and grime can stick to windows (especially the rubber seals!) and begin to grow mould and grime, you can avoid this build up easily by cleaning your windows once a month.

So, How Often Should I Get My Home Windows Professionally Cleaned?

As Often as you like!

Window cleaning isn’t going to keep your house from falling down, so really you can set up your window cleaning services for as often as you like, however there are some major benefits to having your windows cleaned at least semi regularly.

How often will work for me?

When setting up regular window cleaning’s if you are mostly concerned with having clear shiny windows then think about your budget, and how often you can fit the service into your house routine. If you are more focused on keeping your windows clean to prolong their lifespan then once every three month or so will help keep stubborn dirt, grease and stains at bay.

Once A Month:

This option will guarantee your windows are always looking their best! This level of frequency is most popular when setting up regular window cleaning, and will ensure your windows will stay in good condition for as long as possible!

Once Every Three Months:

Having your windows cleaned every three months will help prolong your windows lifespan. However after each clean you’ll begin to notice dirt and grime again around week 5-6, depending on your area. The amount of pollution and the type of pollution in your area will affect how long your windows remain looking squeaky clean.

Once Every Six Months:

This is a great option for you if you live in a low pollution area and are only looking to help maintain your windows, you will see dirt and grime for a while after each clean, but you’ll be safe knowing that seasonal damage is wiped away, and you’ll get a bi-annual check up on your windows.


If you only need a one-time window cleaning or are getting them cleaned for an event this is the option for you, however you should consider pre-booking as it may be hard to get a clean scheduled in at short notice.

If you need a one-off window cleaning or are looking to set up a regular schedule contact us today for friendly professional advice!

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