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Pressure washing to prepare for winter

As the seasons change and winter draws closer pressure washing can have a huge benefit for your property, ensuring you are ready for cold, wet and mucky weather.

Here are some of the best tips for pressure washing away summer grime so that you can be fully prepared for the winter:

Cleaning outdoor patio equipment:
Pressure washing your outdoor furniture is vital to making sure that you care for your property properly. Thorough cleaning of your patio furniture before you store for winter is essential in ensuring it does not rot or produce mold while in storage, giving it a significantly longer lifespan.
A pressure washer is the easiest way to get a deep clean on these items without having to scrub them down by hand. It is important to let your furniture dry completely before you move it into storage.

Cleaning your BBQ:
If you don’t have your BBQ set up over the winter, you should consider cleaning out the grill and degreasing the BBQ before it is taken inside for the winter. As you are already prepping your patio area in anticipation for winter it’s a smart idea to clean your BBQ thoroughly at the same time, and a professional pressure washing can make that task smoother, faster, and give you a better result.
Pressure washing the grill area and then applying a non stick cooking spray is a fantastic solution for cleaning and keeping your BBQ clean while in storage.

Cleaning your exterior windows:
Getting a professional pressure washing service for your windows before winter sets in will not only help keep your house cleaner and more presentable, but will prevent mould and grime buildup to accumulate during cold damp weather. Ensuring your windows last that much longer.

Cleaning off your car:
Getting the dirt and grime off your vehicle before the winter can be a wonderful way to preserve your paint and to make sure that you are ready for the upcoming weather that will affect your vehicle. Using proper settings and making sure that you can clean off these items before the weather turns is important.

Cleaning decks and patios:
Cleaning off your patio and decking can be a great place to start your seasonal cleaning. Rather than having to deal with the last of the fall leaves or ongoing problems with the dust or mud, consider removing these items from your decks and patios for easy maintenance during winter.

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